"Love this Vimanya hair oil! I've tried many different hair oils and have not been fully satisfied with any of them, but after trying this one I can tell I'll be using it for the long run. It smells great and feels really nice when applied to my hair.."
"I've been using this oil for a little under a year and all I can say is that it is amazing! The oil smells great. My hair feels very healthy at all times after each use. I like that it is versatile and that I can either leave it on for a few hours and wash it, or I can put some on my ends after a shower to smooth my hair a little if it feels frizzy. It is probably the best hair product out there that I have used, and I have tried many. Glad that it is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals, and it is loaded with goodies that benefit my hair and scalp. I highly recommend this product to women with all types of hair."
"Really very good herbal shampoo. This is my Third bottle. Thanks One person found this helpful."
"My hair feels very healthy at all times after each use.."
"Very satisfied with the product. I use it for my kid too."

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